Thursday, 22 June 2017

All by myself

Well not quite.
Tonight when I opened the door from the changing rooms to the pool, I was greeted empty pool! The teacher was sitting at the side waiting for me.

I started with a couple of lengths of front crawl. This time the teacher videoed me so I could see what I look like.  Eek it was awful to watch but it made me realise what I do wrong with my arms. So, I concentrated on working on them. The only thing with concentrating on my arms though, is that I forget about my legs and what they should be doing. It was definitely better after practice.

Then went on to a bit of swimming on my back. I just went into the middle of the pool and went for it. Again the teacher filmed it and I could see that I look very tense and I'm not flat...I need to lift my stomach. Easier said than done but I know what I have to work on.
Then I did some swimming on my front then turning onto my back then flipping onto front again. This was much better as I have been practicing this.
My confidence is definitely coming back and I'm feeling the benefits of going to the gym alongside swimming. My core is stronger and I have more stamina.
A wee break now while im on holiday but should be swimming loads there!

I've put the videos on so you can see what i'm talking about. It will also let you see how much I still have to learn but also how far I have come!

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