Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Crappy day

Last nights lesson wasn't the best but it was because I hadn't been to the pool to practice and it showed. Also have mega sore shoulders from stress and its hard to relax them in the pool so that makes me swim really awkwardly.

Started off with breaststroke and really struggled with the breathing. Also felt like my arms and legs were all over the place. I tried to slow it down which helped but I can't get used to breathing in through my mouth without gulping loads of water and the back of my nose was burning with the chlorine.

Moved onto freestyle and tried with a float to get arms doing the right thing so I can breathe to the side, then trying one arm at a time but it was hard and I was swallowing half the pool!

Lastly, first time doing backstroke arms which I liked, although I still have that feeling of "where am I going?" I was under the rope at one point, but thats ok I can work on that.

Lots that need practice.

My colleague at work handed me a flyer for the Loch Lomond great swim event which is at the weekend, might be something to try next year. Can hardly do a couple of lengths never mind a loch but look what I have acheived since January so anything is possible!

PS - very weird but i've noticed I have a better lesson when the showers are cold....they were roasting last night!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Feeling Proud!

Just writing my blog with a really sore head as I thudded it off the headboard...ouch!

Great start to the day as my son excelled in his exam results and I cried all the way to work! Very proud mum.

Arrived at my lesson and met with a journalist who wanted to film me swimming a little bit to put on a website. So she went through to the pool and I went into the changing rooms.
I did my usual and sorted out the locker and went into a cubicle. Then I heard this voice talking away but no one was answering, it was really creepy. I got changed in superfast time. When I got out the cubicle there was a woman sitting stark naked on the bench talking away and saying how bad it was the Queen was dead?? I actually thought I maybe had missed something on the news but then she started on about OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson. Obviously just some mad wee woman (I do seem to attract these folk!).
I eventually got away from her and went through to the pool. I did a half breadth of breaststroke for the camera a few times and then the journalist left so the pressure was off there.
The pool was lovely and quiet today so I had a nice big lane to practice in. Did lots of breaststroke practising coming up for air every stroke. I tend to breathe in and out my nose but I should use my mouth so need to practice that.
Then lots of practice front crawl arms and taking a breath to the side. then did a length of front crawl then turning onto back, then turning back onto front which was good. Then a length of back float. also did a little bit of butterfly kick which was fun as I had never tried it before so I liked that.
Was a great lesson! Lots to improve on.
When I came out, I was relieved to see that the crazy woman was away. So I got changed and was just about heading out the door when this woman came out the showers and said she was watching me having lessons. I told her I had been coming since January and how great the lessons were. She said she could only swim with a woggle and that she wished she had the confidence to get lessons and said well done you, inspiring!
I walked out with a big smile on my face today :)

Swimming lessons in Glasgow

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Ouch my brain!

Eek tonight was a hard one!
As I sat in the car staring up at the blue mirror that is the Crowne Plaza hotel and wondering why its peeing down on the 2nd of August I felt quite confident about tonight's lesson. The nerves are gone completely!
I don't worry about falling under anymore....I can get back up easily.
I don't worry about swallowing water.....I just spit it back out (don't worry, not often).
I don't care what I look like....I kind of look like I know what I'm doing now.
I don't worry about drowning! 

So i'm feeling pretty great about the whole thing. I was a bit early so I had a chat with the teacher about our articles that were published by Scottish Swimming on their website. It was an interview I did a while ago so it was a bit out of date but I was really pleased with how it was written.

On with today's lesson. Started with kicking, with arms stretched out in front of me. That was fine and I did that two lengths. Then the teacher said to go a bit faster do smaller kicks so I did a couple of  lengths of that. all good just a bit out of puff.
Then we went on to freestyle arms. Much harder! I was to try and rotate side to side and take a breath but I struggled to get my arms to coordinate with my brain. Then I did an exercise where it was like I was pulling up a zip on the side of me which forced me to get my shoulders out the water. After this I was already shattered.
Next I did a couple of front to back and back to front rolls which were much better than last week.
Then onto breast stroke. I did two lengths the way I normally do it then I was to glide for a couple of seconds in between. I could not get my brain around this! I really need to practice as I was getting frustrated that I couldn't get it right.
Lastly I dived for a couple of sharks and then I tried a bit of swimming underwater, trying to get as low in the deep end as I could. This wasn't easy. I didn't really get anywhere but by this point I was absolutely puggled so I wasn't really giving it my all.

I need to build up stamina by practising lengths....Bring it on!!