Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Busy lizzie

Last night's lesson was the busiest the pool has ever been!
I did breast stroke, front crawl, turns from front to back and back to front and lots of diving for sharks in the deep end. Was completely pooped at the end of it all.
I need to try go swimming on Friday as I want to practise swimming at deep end, out my depth. This is hard if I have kids with me but it needs done.
I'm going to have a look at some you tube videos to get some tips on arms for front crawl.
Short blog but more on Fri :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Back to life, back to reality

I've been back from holidays for a few days now and the tan is starting to fade and the realisation that i'm back to real life is creeping in.
The last post was at the beginning of the holiday and I said how I had been swimming in the sea. I did lots more of that on holiday and really enjoyed it. There weren't much waves and it was lovely and refreshing in the blistering heat.
One of the main aims of me starting to learn to swim (as can be seen at the start of my blog) was to be able to get in the water with the kids and go on the slides.  Our hotel was attached to a water park which we ended up going to nearly every day as it was great fun and the pools were freshwater as opposed to the salt water pools at the hotel.
As promised I did go on a slide, in fact I went on twice and it was be honest it wasn't really for me. I'm a bit lazy and the whole climbing a million flights of stairs in bare feet while the ground is 100 degrees was no fun, but I did do it and I lived to tell the tale.
The lazy river was more my cup of tea.....floating round on a giant donut float with not a care in the world. Ok, this was not strictly true. Anyone who has been to Kos will know that its blows a hoolie there so when you first get in the lazy river you practically fly down the first side at a speed Lewis Hamilton would be jealous of, then when you get round the corner you end up frantically paddling with your arms to stop going backwards and crashing. Not so lazy after all, but you should see my guns now!
Anyway Olympic rowing aside, I spent a lot of time in the pool. It was 1.4m right across so I knew where I stood (quite literally) with the depth and I quite happily swam back and forward while my kids played around. I had taken my goggles to use but I hardly got to use them as my daughter decided she would start swimming underwater and that she needed them to be a mermaid...I couldn't really argue with that.
So I think I can tick the box for swimming on holiday....job done!
       Swimming in the pool! 

 Teaching Jess to swim underwater.
                       Looking for Dory 

Tonight was my lesson and it was weird being back in an inside pool again. I could definitely feel an improvement and I'm sure the teacher could tell too. My confidence levels are much higher but I still have a way to go with technique. I practiced mostly front crawl arms, trying to keep my head still and get my arms out the water as much as I could, sounds a lot easier than it is. Also did a couple of lengths of back float. I still get a bit disorientated doing this and end up going a bit squint, all adds to the fun!

Big decision that I made on holiday is that I want to work towards being a swimming teacher. I think its something that I could do and it gives me an end goal, even if its years away its a plan.

I love a challenge :)

Friday, 1 July 2016

Under the sea

Thought I would do a wee blog update while I'm on holiday in the very sunny and very hot Greek island of Kos.
So we have been going to the beach because the water is crystal clear and shallow for miles so very safe. It's so hot the water is like a blessed relief. The sand is like walking over hot coals so everyone does this mad dance to get in the water as quickly as possible.
In I got and I started swimming straight away! Then we realised there were wee fish under us so I've had the goggles on and been swimming under water looking at them. It's been awesome! Also cause it's saltwater it's lovely for just floating on your back and enjoying the light waves.
I'll take better photos next time but got one for proof.
Waterpark next....Can't wait!